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01.10.2012 Kalashnikov Konstantin

Fast installation. Very beautiful design. We are very happy. Thank you Holzplast!

03.10.2012 Abdygalieva Alina

The product looks very realistic, like natural logs. You don’t need to perform any additional maintenance. Got the product installed and forgot about all the worries. Very convenient!

03.10.2012 Zhelobkov Anton

No noticeable joints. It is very easy to wash. Installation is very fast. I am very happy with the end-result.

09.10.2012 Mayorov Alexander

I have chosen this siding because I was building the house for myself and my family. There is no better product on the building materials market (taking in consideration price, quality, realistic appearance, easy installation). I am telling you this as a qualified specialist myself – manager in the building industry since 2001. And visually – the Saddle Notch Corner post gives a house an amazing appeal. ( I got tired of explaining to my neighbors what is the material, where I got it and how much it cost). There! Thank you Holzplast! I am wishing you continuous success! Thank you for your help and detailed consultation.

24.10.2012 Malkin Vladimir

Holzblock siding looks like real wooden logs. The product gets installed fast and easy, doesn’t need any painting. Additionally, it was readily available at the distributer’s warehouse location.

24.10.2012 Tarasenko Gennady

I was glad that the product was readily available at the warehouse. After measuring my house and calculating the needed amount of panels for the entire house project, we discovered that Holzplast panels sizes 600x800 (the size manufactured only by Holzplast) are much more economical and beneficial to use on the house walls. Panels from Holzplast look very similar to natural material.

02.11.2012 Medvedev Sergei

Very unusual! The texture of panels is very close to natural stone. No seams are visible. The end result is wonderful!

16.11.2012 Gilev Dmitry

1. Very beautiful and realistic appearance, like natural stone. Many people were asking how much glue was needed (no realizing that the installation does not require any glue and had a unique interlocking mechanism). 2. The house facade was done in two weeks 3. Exclusive material – nobody has anything similar.

19.11.2012 Dubinin Aleksei

Back in 2007 when we were faced with the question what material to use for house remodeling, we chose vinyl siding Holzplast. Only Holzplast had a desired color option and affordable pricing. The panels measured bigger square footage in comparison to other manufacturers. When in 2011 I needed to build a house addition, the choice for the material was clear – Holzplast. By then I already knew about its high product quality and easy installation. The original project with Holzplast product was already 5 years old and was showing wonderful service life results.

19.11.2012 Denis Gerasimov

Only Holzplast company has unique vinyl siding imitating natural wooden logs in Golden Oak color. It ideally met our needs for this building project.

23.11.2012 Potapova Natalia

We wanted for our house to be done not in brick, but in some sort of stone or similar material. Holzplast panels look very similar to natural materials. You cannot see any connecting joints. The panels are not glossy (like other available options on the market), but have this mat finish to them, making it look very natural and real. The panels are easily installed and washed. When we started the installation, the neighbors were stopping by asking how we glued such beautiful stones, because even at the very close distance you can barely see that it is siding. We are very happy with the results!

29.11.2012 Гаяне Погосян

Our house was 30 years old at the time and we decided to do an addition to it. The whole family worked on the project. As we were thinking about the project we came across the problem: how do we unify the look of the old brick house with a new structure from foamed concrete? The solution naturally came to us by itself, when we saw Holzplast siding samples. The panels are rigid and long-lasting, easy to install. Wandstein panels gave our house luxurious appeal. And in the end, it did not matter at all that the house didn’t have natural stone facade, as the finished project looks amazing. It underlines our unique style.

24.05.2013 Oksana

I was choosing between Altaprofil and Holzplast and I made my decision to go with Holzplast. Altaprofil looks fake and your material looks natural in color and size. Additional “thank you” to manager Andrei from Artstroi. He helped us choose the correct materials for our project.

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