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Stable German Quality

Production at Holzplast started in 2005, when the first extrusion line for manufacturing vinyl siding was taken up was. Right from the start the company established the following principles for manufacturing its products under the brand „Holzplast“:

  • "Employing modern machinery by various market leaders in plant engineering industries such as „Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik“, „Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme“, „Engel“;
  • Using high-quality raw materials supplied directly from „Shintech“, „Wunsiedel“, „Baerlocher“ and „Brillux“;
  • Using first-class components and technologies through which an excellent operating and technical performance can be achieved;
  • Developing profile geometries, raw material formula and colour solutions by highly-qualified professionals from Germany;
  • Maintaining a company-owned quality laboratory in Germany where new technologies and developments can be tested in the most careful way;
  • Ensuring the highest quality control for all products."

Process technology for manufacturing siding and vinyl logs

The production technology is based on co extrusion, whereby the heated compound (mixture of raw materials) is forced through profile dies to obtain the vinyl strips as predefined by a number of different parameters. After leaving the extruder, the vinyl is cut alongside the edge to obtain its respective shape factor.


The cap stock protects the panel against UV radiation and rainfall.

The exterior co extrusion layer of Holzplast is 0,15 mm thick. Due to the additives contained in the top layer of our products, „siding“ and „vinyl logs“ are marked by excellent operating characteristics.

The Substrate (carrier material) is responsible for the resistance of the geometric size and shape of the panel.

Composition of vinyl siding and „Holzblock“ panels by Holzplast

The PVC content (Polyvinylchloride) in vinyl siding is over 80% and for this very reason the siding is called vinyl siding. Vinyl siding „Holzblock“ and „Holzsiding“ is made up from components such as modifiers, stabilizers etc. which improve their physical and chemical characteristics. Due to these components vinyl siding is able to withstand negative environmental effects, maintain its elasticity and remain malleable and durable for a long time. Vinyl siding and vinyl logs are dyed thoroughly.

Process technology for manufacturing exterior panels „Wandstein“

The production of the exterior panels „Wandstein“ is based on injection moulding techniques . Here polypropylene is used as the raw material. The melted compound is given the required shape and is dyed afterwards. The top layer is dyed automatically in the coating plant. Before dying the panels they are pre-fired to ensure a good adhesion behaviour of the dye. By using the three-stage coating system by the German company BRILLUX an even coating and colour fastness is guaranteed for 25 years.

For manufacturing their siding and exterior panels, the Holzplast company uses exclusively high-quality components - supplied from Germany - and is able to guarantee through this the enduring top quality of their products.