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Download installation instructions:


Installation instructions for facade system Holzplast (pdf 2.87 Мб)


Installation instructions for facade panels Wandstein (pdf 20.89 Мб)

Wandstein - Video installation (avi 40.43 Мб)


Instruction of installation for facade system Holzblock (pdf 4.94 Мб)

Decken Décor

Installation instructions for rack ceiling (pdf 0.06 Мб)

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  • Product Quality Guarantee
  • Product storage requirements

Product Quality Guarantee


The product warranty is provided for products manufactured by Holzplast:

  • Vinyl siding Holzplast and its accessories
  • Vinyl half-log siding Holzblock and its accessories
  • Exterior panels Wandstein and its accessories
  • Gutter, drainage and fitting system – RohrFit

The present warranty covers only the manufacturing defects that occurred during the manufacturing process.

Holzplast holds the right to discontinue or modify any product series without notifying the customers.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

Holzplast product warranty becomes valid only if the following conditions are met:

  • Storage, maintenance and transportation of products should be done in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Products must be used for its initial purpose only.
  • Installation should be performed by specialists in accordance with installation instructions.

Holzplast product warranty is not valid:

  1. For damaged products , where the damage occurred due to:
    • Force-major circumstances and forces or acts of God such as (Tsunami, tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, catastrophes, war, revolts, civil unrest, ect.)
    • Purposeful damage to products
    • Noncompliance with the rules and instructions for transportation, storage, usage and installation of products
  2. Product color fading caused by natural weathering effects.

Procedure for the warranty reimbursement:

  • If during warranty coverage the product defects were discovered, the Buyer is obligated to notify the manufacturer in a written form.
  • The manufacturer has a right to send its own quality specialists for verification of discovered defects. In a case of disagreement regarding the causes of present defects, the manufacturer holds a right to have an independent inspection to be performed, with the expenses paid by the manufacturer. The Buyer holds the right to be present at the inspection and in the event of disagreement over inspection results, the Buyer can contest results in court.
  • If during the inspection it is discovered that product damage defects appeared as a result of events/circumstances that don’t fall into the category of event that Manufacturer is responsible for, then the Buyer is obligated to reimburse the expenses associated with the process of independent investigation. If the results prove manufacturer’s fault within the present warranty, the Manufacturer agree with the Buyer to either exchange the damaged product for a new one (considering the products were used no more than 3 years), or will compensate the cost of damage/defected product in a monetary form in accordance with the compensation amount listed in the chart.
  • The new warranty for exchanged product begins from the moment of delivery of new product to the customer.
  • The Manufacturer does not reimburse for the expenses related to installation/dismantling of products.
  • The necessary conditions for inspection require the presence of product damage/defects and evidence of purchase. The claims are reviewed in accordance with time-period specified by law.

Product storage requirements


  • Must be stored only in corrugated boxes from manufacturer;
  • Must be stored only in conditions that provide protection from direct sunlight.


  • Without boxes or packaging from manufacturer;
  • Under direct sunlight or other possible atmospheric impact (rain, snow, ect.);
  • Under protective covering materials that can create “hot house” effect;
  • Less than 1 meter away from heating devices.

Storage requirements for Rohrfit gutter system:

  • All parts of gutter system should be stored on wooden or metal frame/structure to provide a minimum distanceof 50 cm (19.68 in) between products and ground.
  • All parts of gutter system should be stored without deforming, bending or twisting them.
  • If you are storing products outside you need to make sure that frame or structure where products are stored have a 5% angle to allow for rain water drainage.

It’s prohibited to store gutter system Rohrfit:

  • Its prohibited to cover or wrap gutter system parts with film/foil to not disturb a natural air circulation.
  • Pipes and gutters should not be packed too tight to each other during transportation as it could results in product deformation, scratches and indents.