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“Holzplast” Trading Company offers you high quality exterior cladding materials for your house.
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Vinyl siding


The history of our company began with the production of vinyl siding boards. Just for this reason we are paying special attention to this product.

Since the production of the first vinyl siding boards arrived, an entire epoch in the area of building materials has elapsed. The trade mark „Holzplast“ truly succeeded in winning the favour of the consumers. First-class brand quality, modern technologies, reasonable prices and a wide range of colour solutions to select from – these are but a few benefits of vinyl siding „Holzsiding“.

Our products are for people, a fact we are especially proud of!

About the product

Vinyl Siding „Holzsiding“ differs from its rival products by its individuality and novel design. The range of profile shapes and colour design to select from is so wide that you are faced with just one problem: choosing.

Characteristics of vinyl siding „Holzsiding“

  • Not flammable, non-toxic and resistant to corrosion.
  • No deformation and cracks under negative environmental conditions.
  • No colour change through the entire useful life of the product. As one of the few corporations Holzplast offers a 15 years warranty on colour solutions!
  • Easy maintenance. The material does not need to be painted or replaced throughout its entire useful life. When the siding boards get dirty, cleaning them with water is enough and the house‘s façade will look great again.
  • Vinyl siding permit the facade to „breathe“, because there are holes alongside the panel’s lower edge allowing ventilation and draining of condensation water.
  • Extensive colour palettes, varied board designs, fit-on profiles as accessories - make it possible to renovate any home facade entirely, maintain a unified look of one’s home and realise modern architectural projects.


The production of vinyl siding „Holzsiding“ is made according to European regulations. The monitoring of all processes by specialists occurs on the basis of strict operational quality standards. The production plants come from leading German companies such as „Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik“ and „Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme“. Vinyl siding is made from raw materials which are subjected to most careful quality controls and are purchased from companies such as „Shintech“, „Wunsiedel“, „Baerlocher“ and „Brillux“. Siding by Holzplast has first-class operational characteristics and will serve you up to 50 years.

Economic efficiency of siding „Holzsiding“

  • Easy installation and unique operational characteristics of vinyl siding permit you to install the material independently throughout the whole year and even without the help from other people.
  • The extended longevity of vinyl siding makes you forget about constant refurbishment.
  • Comfort and warmth are assured if you choose to clad your home with siding panels. Up to 45 percent can be saved on heating which will impact your fuel bill in a positive way.

Recommendations :

If you consider cladding your home with vinyl siding by Holzplast we recommend you to pay special attention to the design aspect. We are happy to support you in making your choices by encouraging you to use our special virtual design tool which will help you creating your home on your own.

Prices of vinyl siding

The price of vinyl siding is set by the manufacturer, i.e. the Holzplast company. Cost may vary slightly depending on the region where you live and our trade partner where you buy the product. All distributors are directly supplied by us. Hence, if you choose “Holzplast”, you will receive the product at manufacturer price.


Holzplast offers vinyl siding in wholesale and retail through their regional distributors and abroad. Every wholesaler can be displayed on the map. You can easily find the location by clicking the button „Where to buy” Please ask our representatives for the GTC and current offers.

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