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Holzplast is introducing a new product: The deco system “Sandstein” (Sandstone)! Decorative units are intended to be used for designing doorways and window openings and will give your home an individual and upmarket look.

The deco profiles and corners used as windows and entrance areas surrounds can be combined with facades of varied materials. At the same time they perfect design solutions and give your home a very special charm. In addition deco units fulfill a protective function. Amongst other things they prevent humidity from entering the installation-related gaps between walls and doorways or window openings.

The deco units „Sandstein“ are produced from high-quality PVC based raw materials using innovative German machines. Compared with building materials such as wood or fibreboards, there are several benefits of using PVC mouldings.

1. The deco units „Sandstein“ are available in several colours and textures and can be combined with any material, whether it is a wood or plastic window.

2. The PVC mouldings protect the window and door constructions from humidity. PVC material is not hygroscopic, that is it does not absorb humidity and thus prevents the formation of mold and dry rot. The dense plastic surrounds also offer shelter from wind and draught.

3. The decorative mouldings exhibit good in-use properties. PVC building materials by Holzplast are impact-resistant and durable as well as resistant to fracture and tear. They withstand fluctuations in temperature and thus are colourfast. The colour will not fade for decades.

4. Other advantages include the easy installation with the help of the mounting profile “Sandstein” which has been developed especially for the deco system. The low weight of the deco units considerably facilitates the installation.

The deco units „Sandstein“ are easy to maintain. This is especially important because dirty mouldings around doors immediately catch the eye. The deco units can be cleaned easily with a wet sponge.

Holzplast is now presenting the deco units from the „Sandstein“ series in three colours:

  • White
  • Sandy yellow
  • Dark brown.

It is known that the overall impression results from the interaction of several details. A classic design and German quality will enable you to design your home in a perfect way.

Prices of vinyl siding

The price of vinyl siding is set by the manufacturer, i.e. the Holzplast company. Cost may vary slightly depending on the region where you live and our trade partner where you buy the product. All distributors are directly supplied by us. Hence, if you choose “Holzplast”, you will receive the product at manufacturer price.


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