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“Holzplast” Trading Company offers you high quality exterior cladding materials for your house.
exterior cladding material in Europe

Advantages of roof shingles :

  • Low weight and less load on roof, wall and foundations
  • High water tightness
  • High noise reduction
  • High leak tightness
  • Longevity thanks to high resistance to tear and wear
  • Resistance to weathering and static electricity
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Low care and maintenance
  • Wide range of shapes, textures and colours

The implementation of sophisticated design concepts and elaborate building styles frequently requires to look for modern and unusual solutions in roofing systems. Shingles which allow to realize even challenging building projects are considered to be a suitable roof covering.

Eaves and ridge tiles Daflex Holzplast offers to its customers the shingle „Daflex“ which consist of premium high-tech material consisting of several layers. Reinforced membranes „Daflex“ constitute the glass fibre impregnated on both sides with SBS modified bitumen. The surface of the roof shingles is sprinkled with a granulate made of basalt and slate. The thermal process engineering which is used to colour the granulate prevents the shingles from fading. The granulate gives the material an excellent look and protects it against the effects of atmospheric factors. Due to a self-adhesive layer of bitumen, the lower layer of the shingles ensures resistance to wind load and increases tightness. The benefits of the roof shingles „Daflex“ are quite obvious to see, putting the material in line with the innovative building materials of the younger generation.

The quality of the roof is a pre-condition for the safety and long durability of the house.

Ендовый ковер DaflexIt is the roof which withstands the initial „punches“ of nature in the first place, whether rain, snow, sunshine or wind. If you choose shingles by Holzplast you are sure to take a decision for reliability and an attractive look. We are happy to be able to offer to our customers several shapes and colours of shingles.

The series „Daflex Diamant“ is a hexagon casting shadows which increases the spatial effect optically. With this solution your home‘s roof is guaranteed to attract enthusiastic looks from your environment.


мягкая кровля

Series Daflex Diamant

The series Daflex Imperial“, because of its rectangular shape, reminds of a classical roof. The shingles from the „Imperial“ collection recreate the traditional roofs of old castles and give this roof a refined look.

мягкая кровля

Series Daflex Imperial

The series „Daflex Sapphire“ represents a universal solution for modern roofing. The straight lines and sharp edges create a homogeneous type of roofing.

Series „Daflex Sapphire“

Roofing not only implies laying out the shingles across the roof, but also providing the entire covering which is made of several layers. This includes: Battening by means of the chevron roofing system, thermal insulation, waterproof insulation, vapour barrier, permeable sarking felt etc. The shingles must be laid, using high-quality auxiliary materials.

In this context Holzplast offers solutions which help sealing and protecting the weak points of the shingles safely:

  • To provide for the maximum protection of crest and eaves, solutions have been developed on the basis of the plain shingles „Daflex“.

  • The sealing material „Daflex“ ensures additional protection for weak spots on the roof like valleys and connections to the wall.

  • The roof deck foil „Daflex“ is used as a hydro isolation layer for „Daflex“ shingles to increase protection on the sloped roof.

  • The Bitumen mastic „Daflex“ is used to tape the Bitumen sheeting and shingles as well as various materials based on Bitumen. „Daflex“ is also used as sealing material for roof passages and ventilation systems.

  • „Daflex“ shingles are nailed up using high-class clout nails.

We recommend the following materials be used for laying out “Daflex“ roof coverings:

Roof deck foil „Daflex“

Подкладочный ковер DaflexThe roof deck foil „Daflex“ is intended to provide for additional hydro isolation in sloped roofs. The material is polyester. One roll contains 15 lm.


Bitumen mastic „Daflex“

Bitumen mastic „Daflex“ is used for taping the Bitumen sheeting and shingles as well as materials based on Bitumen. It is also used as sealing material for roof passages and ventilation systems.


Clout nails „Daflex“

Гвозди кровельные ершеные DaflexThese high-class clout nails are used for affixing „Daflex“ shingles to the roof. Sizes 30x3,5 mm, 1 box weighs 5 kg.



„Daflex“ shingles by Holzplast combine European Quality with stylish accomplishment. Thanks to our technologies the shingles ensure good protection for your home’s roof for a long time. Shingles by Holzplast emphasize your individuality and give your home an attractive look.

Prices of vinyl siding

The price of vinyl siding is set by the manufacturer, i.e. the Holzplast company. Cost may vary slightly depending on the region where you live and our trade partner where you buy the product. All distributors are directly supplied by us. Hence, if you choose “Holzplast”, you will receive the product at manufacturer price.


Holzplast offers vinyl siding in wholesale and retail through their regional distributors and abroad. Every wholesaler can be displayed on the map. You can easily find the location by clicking the button „Where to buy” Please ask our representatives for the GTC and current offers.

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