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“Holzplast” Trading Company offers you high quality exterior cladding materials for your house.


The Saddle Notch corner post by Holzplast is the highlight of this season!

The Holzplast company adheres to the high quality standards for manufacturing their products and continues to be considered pioneer in PVC building materials used for cladding one-family houses and country homes.


Based on successful operating experiences, the development engineers at Holzplast even went a step further and designed a new unique product. The Saddle Notch Corner Post is unmatched in the European market and remodels perfectly the geometric shape of a log house. The saddle notch corner post is a well-conceived, fine and original solution also for your house!

Why did the idea come up to develop the new product „Saddle Notch Corner Post“?

The experience that houses of wood create a cosy atmosphere is very old. It is no secret, however, that wood is exposed to the influences of the environment and time. Shrinkage and deformation occur. A log cabin requires a lot of care and making continuous investments.

These reflections gave rise to the idea to develop the vinyl log „Holzblock“ and exclude at the same time all the disadvantages which go together with the natural material. Until only recently the perfect vinyl log design would fail just because of the corner design. For corners would reveal the truth that the façade’s wood texture was not authentic.

By its innovative development Holzplast has solved this problem for once and all. The saddle notch corner is entirely identical with the corner joints in a log cabin and hence gives the architectural style of the house an accomplished and perfect look.

The prefabricated saddle notch corner post can be used to clad the exterior corners of any sizes, depending on which type of the siding “Holzbock” is used.

Thanks to an unparalleled technology the saddle notch corner can be installed safely and easily and refine the look of the house. In the course of time the house can be cleaned just with water.
A great variety of colours make the most daring designer solutions possible. You can match the colours of the corner profile with the vinyl log or accentuate the corners by using strong colours and end up in having a real personal highlight. The saddle notch corner is available in the following colours: White, Antique, Light Beige, Buttercup-Yellow, Golden Oak and Dark Brown.
You can also combine the saddle notch corner with vinyl log „Holzblock“ and give your homes‘ façade a perfect look. Afterwards you need not worry about the façade for 50 years!

The saddle notch corner post by Holzplast tops off your home’s architectural style!

Prices of vinyl siding

The price of vinyl siding is set by the manufacturer, i.e. the Holzplast company. Cost may vary slightly depending on the region where you live and our trade partner where you buy the product. All distributors are directly supplied by us. Hence, if you choose “Holzplast”, you will receive the product at manufacturer price.


Holzplast offers vinyl siding in wholesale and retail through their regional distributors and abroad. Every wholesaler can be displayed on the map. You can easily find the location by clicking the button „Where to buy” Please ask our representatives for the GTC and current offers.

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