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“Holzplast” Trading Company offers you high quality exterior cladding materials for your house.
  • Holzplast: A special design style in combination with Western European quality. No comparable product exists in the European market;
  • Holzplast: Guarantee for your and your children's‘ confidence that your home’s facade will survive many years;
  • Holzplast: Your opportunity to highlight your personal identity by selecting materials which are the same as natural materials;
  • Holzplast: Striking look for you home at reasonable prices achievable within the shortest time;
  • Holzplast: Use of ecologically-friendly materials and modern manufacturing engineering according to new developments;
  • Holzplast – We assure you that your neighbours are bound to envy you!

Production at Holzplast started in 2005, when the first extrusion line for manufacturing vinyl siding was taken up was. Right from the start the company established the following principles for manufacturing its products under the brand „Holzplast“:

  • Employing modern machinery by various market leaders in plant engineering industries such as „Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik“, „Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme“, „Engel“;
  • Using high-quality raw materials supplied directly from „Shintech“, „Wunsiedel“, „Baerlocher“ and „Brillux“;
  • Using first-class components and technologies through which an excellent operating and technical performance can be achieved;
  • Developing profile geometries, raw material formula and colour solutions by highly-qualified professionals from Germany;
  • Maintaining a company-owned quality laboratory in Germany where new technologies and developments can be tested in the most careful way;
  • Ensuring the highest quality control for all products.


New products from Holzplast company
Half-log vinyl siding
Half-log vinyl is an imitation of texture and color of natural wood. Vinyl half-log siding is represented by exterior panels that are installed horizontally. In our company you can buy siding imitating natural wooden logs. The panels are offered in many different profiles and colors and have all the necessary accessories.
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Exterior Panels
Siding imitating stone represents exterior cladding material that replicates different kinds of decorative stone. In comparison with natural stone our panels are more resistant to weathering impacts and physical damage. Exterior panels manufactured from polypropylene do not rot, do not grow mold or split. The panels do not fade or loose color during its service life duration.
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Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding "Holzsiding" stands out amongst its competitors due to its individuality and original design. The choice of panel profiles and colors is so extensive that the only problem that you will be facing is – which option to decide on!
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