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Holzplast develops and employs the latest technologies: internationally recognized brand quality designed to exactly meet your individual needs – this is what we are. Based on modern technologies we produce the best for you.
articles and accessories
Large-scale production using German equipment, with the range of products covering over 1000 articles and accessories.

What does „Holzplast“ mean?

The name „Holzplast“ contains the German word for „wood“ (Holz): The perfection of our products is comparable with the perfection of nature itself. This characterizes our strategy in further developing our company.


We maintain a wide product portfolio in different innovative building materials such as vinyl siding „Holzsiding“, vinyl logs „Holzblock“, exterior panels „Wandstein“, guttering, drainage and fittings system „RohrFit“ as well decking “Holzdeck”.
We regularly extend and modernize our product portfolio and supply of colour solutions.


The efficient production is based on innovative machinery and equipment by market leaders such as "Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme", "Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik" and "Engel".
High-quality raw materials and components are purchased from "Shintech", "Wunsiedel", "Baerlocher" and "Brillux".
Automated production processes which are entirely controlled by computers.


  • Regular certification of quality management by German specialists concerning compliance with international standards.
  • Several patents for developments and highly-qualified staff verify the great potential of our company
  • Strict quality controls according to international regulations and standards
  • Company-owned quality laboratory in Germany
  • German Management, highly qualified staff
The brand „Holzplast“ represents a successful project by two companies and their successful cooperation: LRS Planung & Technologie GmbH – a leading equipment manufacturer for siding production -and Holzplast OHG. Under a joint brand the experiences of Western European siding manufacturers team up with the know how of highly-qualified technical specialists from Germany, the country of origin of high quality and environmentally friendly materials for the production of different cladding textures.

The history of the brand „Holzplast“ (materials, developments, drawings and machinery) leads back to LRS Planung & Technologie GmbH that originally started as vendors of machinery for polymer processing. Thanks to their high professional expertise and first class technologies Holzplast managed to win the confidence of their customers and was soon able to increase their sales. Over time new projects and principals came. For new areas the best technical specialists from Europe as well as marketing experts were brought in. These modernizations had the result that the company included in their own product portfolio siding and panel pedestals for facade cladding of single-family homes. Here we relied on using some exclusively high-class pvc materials which perfectly reproduces the structure of natural materials and natural products such as wood, stone and bricks. And this decision was worthwhile! Today Holzplast is the manufacturer of unique series of siding, vinyl half-log and exterior panels which come up to people’s highest expectations and comply with the latest technologies.

The Company’s Mission

With its mission Holzplast adopts a new approach in designing facades of single family homes and bungalows. In doing so, the company is geared to developing and introducing innovative technologies to enable you and your family to lead a comfortable life. Our aim is to see Holzplast products on every third house in Russia and abroad within the next five years. We are striving to be among the international market leaders in production and sales of siding products and are laying all foundations for the success of our business partners. Holzplast is ALWAYS environment friendly towards its consumers and acts for their WELL-BEING.